What BzMeet Offers?

1) International Business at your fingertips through live chat and email from your language to their language, where translation occurs almost instantaneously. Global interaction and communication is now made simple across language barriers.

2) Everything you want as a Professional or for your Business all in one location on BzMeet One Page; that updates to keep you on the forefront of your business to save you time and money by reducing lost time on the internet.

3) A Business Industry/Profession Web portal that can be customized to meet your specific requirements including an industry specific e-book and research, for opening up unlimited worldwide opportunities.

4) New global search and site information across language barriers that are easily translated to your language, while communicating to people worldwide, all in your specific industry and profession.

5) Worldwide Industry specific web searches, without language restrictions to provide global cost saving recommendations for products, services, and other valuable internet information.

6) Global networking through BzMeet Services for professional or company expansion in order to exponentially increase your number of potential clients and future customers.

7) Interaction with other related businesses or professionals in several similar industries which are grouped together to form your own customized unique global network.

8) Industry specific custom links and applications to do your work, your research, your business, and to get your specific professional/business news all in one location on the Web.

9) BZMEET offers a secure server network in a secure environment, to ensure private communication free from internet intrusion.

10) Ultra Security is also offered through the BZMEET Security Center. Communication, transactions, sensitive business information or files can now all be made and sent with high level of security, to help ensure the same transmission data remains private and secure.

11) Finally a web portal that is user friendly, yet tailor made to save time, energy and get right to the point to specifically serve exactly what the business and professional needs.

12) Consulting opportunities, job offers, business transactions and business expansion opportunities await any BzMeet user.

13) Pertinent news and answers to your specific profession and unique sites are continually offered. Industry financial and World news for several networks all made available all in the same place.

14) Business offers, promotions, discounts and company advertising are made available to promote your profession or business, yet this does not constantly intrude the work of the BZMEET user.

15) Industry specific training, organizational assistance and tracking, seminars and education advancement are tailor made and readily available to the BZMEET user in their work environment.